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We expand range of our services everyday

Ready solutions

Pre Collection - Notification of an upcoming payment date

Notifying customers in advance of the upcoming payment date greatly reduces the likelihood of late payments and increases customer loyalty.

pre_script_female_ru_ sample without name

Soft Collection - Debt collection in the early stages of offenses/over-dues

Our internal research indicates that robots can replace live operators during the early stages of overdue payment cases; from 1 to 15 days without any loss of efficiency.

soft_script_male_kz sample without name

Hard Collection - Debt Collection in the late  stages of over-dues

Robots are able to apply considerable pressure on the debtor with the late over-dues . They have answer to debtor's every excuse and can refer to the law where it's needed

hard_script_female_ru sample without name

Russian, Kazakh and Uzbek languages synthesis ​​- dynamic pronunciation of names and sums

We can already synthesize Kazakh, Uzbek and Russian speech in both female and male voices.


We are ready to integrate into your Ecosystem

To make sure that the voice robots use prove to be useful for you, we offer a FREE test drive of our system. You are more than welcome to contact us about further details of a pilot project with us

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